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Imagine starting with German TODAY and having your first confident conversation on DAY 1. Without struggling what to say or how to say.

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  • Save more than 50% of your time learning der, die, das with these 2 powerful mnemonics

The german gender seems tricky at the beginning right? “Der” means the, “die” means the and “das” means also the. Wow, 3 times the work for the same result. “And now I have to learn every new German noun with its gender?” NOT with these two powerful tricks.

  • Understand once and for all when and how to use the adjective endings

The German adjective declension is weird? Imagine knowing exactly when to say “groß, große, großen, großem, or großer “. To completely understanding these endings after just one lesson. Without scrolling through weird grammar books. Without memorizing tons of tables.

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