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How Dan went from Zero to C1 in 2 years even with his busy life

September 1. 2017. 0 Comments

Dan started my program “From Zero to C1” from scratch and after 2 years he passed his TestDaF exam with the highest score TDN5 in all parts (compatible with a C1.2 (advanced C1 level). He’s actually not only a student of mine but also one of the case studies featured in my premium program “From Zero to C1 in 25 Minutes a Day” where you can listen to all 1-on-1…

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How Stephanie passed her B1 Goethe exam with a 90% score in speaking

July 21. 2017. 0 Comments

Stephanie lives in Switzerland and works in a full time job. My program “From Zero to C1” helped her have a structured learning system guiding her step-by-step to improve her German and overcome the nervousness and insecurity of speaking. A few weeks ago she passed her Goethe exam with a 90% score in the speaking part. “The traditional classroom course was not really tailored to my level or my specific…

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Enric on how to go from zero to an official B1 in 5 months

September 16. 2016. 0 Comments

This is Herr Professor’s students, the podcast where I interview my students to help you get inspired and motivated by case studies of other German learners like you and their success stories I’m thrilled to introduce my student Enric. He’s originally from Spain but moved to Switzerland in 2014 and worked for ABB a big engineering company based in Zürich. He was my first student that went through the first…

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#4 Engineers around Germany with Jean-Christophe from France

July 3. 2016. 0 Comments

This is “Engineers around Germany”, the podcast show where I interview inspiring engineers, who are working in a German speaking country telling us their story and experience with their German project. I’m thrilled to introduce my guest tonight Jean-Christophe. Jean-Christophe is a Software Engineer from France. He worked in Cork, Ireland at IMTF Software as a developer and in 2007 he decided to move to Switzerland. Today he’s working at…

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