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German from scratch for Busy Professionals



As a busy professional who wants to learn German you may have specific goals like:

  • To finally get started with learning German
  • To have a learning system that fits into your busy working schedule
  • To become fluent as fast as possible
  • To pass the official B1/B2/C1 exam to improve your job opportunities in a German speaking country
  • To manage a conversation with natives without getting nervous
  • To speak with confidence to your colleagues and clients
  • To come across with your ideas in a meeting without struggling
  • To give a presentation in German defending your position firmly

 But, what is holding you back from learning German?

Here’s what my students told me.

“I’m an Englishman living in Switzerland. For years I lived in Zurich and got by without bothering to learn German — everyone spoke English. Now I have moved into the mountains, my eldest kid has started going to school and things are a bit different. I went to my kid’s school play last week and didn’t understand a word of it — it was something about giraffes and zebras, judging by the costumes. My objective is to become fluent as quickly as possible and also get some formal qualifications. I hope you can help!” 

“I’ve now lived in Luzern for 8 happy years but like so many international arrivals have found learning German a particular challenge. It’s not just a question of lacking the time, energy or patience to do it in the context of a full life here but also for structural reasons, by which I mean: German vs Swiss German; going to class late in the day after work or at weekends exhausted with no time for family; sharing classes with a mixed ability students; skipping classes due to being overseas on business or holiday; paying inexpensive courses that turn out to cost a fortune in the long run as the various levels (A1-C1) are stretched in time to absurdity by schools raking it in; hitting limits with the DIY learning apps and packages out there.” 

“Generally speaking, learning (and working) is a big challenge when you have no execution plan to reach the goal. And you can’t expect much more from Duolingo after a while.”

Hi, I’m Manuel.

I’m a native German and Spanish speaker and a German Engineer who helps busy professionals like you who neither have the time, nor the patience, nor the energy to attend traditional language school classes go from zero to have meetings with your colleagues, negotiate with your clients and give presentations in front of your bosses IN GERMAN. To go from zero to an official advanced C1 level.

Many years ago, some colleagues that had to move to Germany for their job asked me if German is a difficult language to learn:

“Manuel, is it really true that there are 16 different ways of saying “the” in german?”

Eyes glazed over20_(1600_x_1200)

“I’ve seen some weird words even longer than some sentences. Be honest with me Manuel, are these real words or just tongue twisters?”

Eyes glazed over2

“I still don’t have the confidence to speak to a German speaking person, even if I know enough to have a small conversation. I feel like I’ll look silly or mess up!

“It took some effort to master mathematics but this German grammar seems like an equation beyond a normal order.”


I told them that I find German actually easier than Spanish or English. :-)

Of course… I was just kidding.

Since then I studied different ways to traditional language learning driven by the idea on:

  • How to become fluent as fast as possible
  • How to understand German grammar painlessly
  • And how to structure and systematize the learning process for a busy person

I filtered the best and shook them up with my personal engineering formula so that today I help my students:

  • Start speaking from day 1
  • Become fluent in months, not years
  • And enjoy the language learning process

even with a busy working schedule.

Using my methods and materials, I was able to help colleagues kick-start their German, become confident in speaking, manage with confidence job interviews, conversations with clients, and get their official language certification.


“With Manuel’s help, I’ve been able to speak from the first day. In addition, he explains grammar in a really easy way. I’m already able to speak basic sentences and I’m also confident to use properly dative-accusative declination + pronouns.” Enric, Engineer in Zürich (Switzerland)

After 5 months he got his official B1 certificate:


(Here’s a complete interview Enric did with me where he tells exactly how he went from zero to B1 going through my program.)


“My greatest difficulty with the German language has always been to speak. Manuel has guided me through this process of putting ideas into words. With his help, I have been able to gain fluency and also quickly improve my grammar. 

Two weeks ago I had to go the Foreign Agency Office in Germany to run some errands. An employee there asked me if could help her with a customer who couldn’t speak German, so she needed a translator. To my surprise, I was able to help them both.” Mauricio, Engineer in Berlin (Germany)


“The difficulty of the German language is undeniable and to study it, I tried every method available because my professional and personal future depended on it. I went to the VHS (Volkshochschule) in Germany, I bought books, listened to the radio, watched TV and did also tandems with natives…but the fact that Manuel is totally bilingual Spanish-German and an engineer himself makes a difference to all the methods and teachers I had before. Since I started to work with Manuel I noticed a boost that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

It always felt especially difficult to manage the conversation with native speakers. In our job-meetings, I usually started the presentations in German but as soon as I faced some difficulties I switched to English. Sometimes you get to this point where you think they don’t understand you or even for yourself it’s hard to understand and follow the conversation. With Manuel’s help, I could improve my business communication in just a few months. I’ve noticed an important change in our last meeting when I got again this feeling of insecurity and I  wanted to switch the conversation to English but it was the first time that my German colleague looked at me and said: “Please continue in German, we understand you perfectly.” This feeling was really satisfying and gave me a lot of confidence.” Francisco, Engineer in Stuttgart (Germany)




“Hi Manuel, I’ve succeeded! I got the results and I’ve got my C1.
Many thanks for helping me preparing the exam. Especially your audio with the presentation helped me a lot for the oral exam. I listened to it a few times and during the exam I felt much more comfortable when I presented my topic.
Regards” Julio, student in Sevilla (Spain)


My goal is to help you accelerate your learning saving you time and frustration down the road.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Want To Kickstart Your German And Grow Your Confidence in Speaking in Less Than 3 Months Starting TODAY, Spending Just 10 Minutes A Day On Your Commute To Work?

Imagine having a personal language coach that takes care of your busy working schedule and accompanies you every day on your commute to work so you won’t need to waste one extra minute of your valuable time and he’ll help you gain each day more and more fluency and confidence in expressing yourself in German.

I want to be that coach for you! :-)

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  • Save more than 50% of your time learning der, die, das with these 2 powerful mnemonics

The german gender seems tricky at the beginning right? “Der” means the, “die” means the and “das” means also the. Wow, 3 times the work for the same result. “And now I have to learn every new German noun with its gender?” NOT with these two powerful tricks.

  • Understand once and for all when and how to use the adjective endings

The German adjective declension is weird? Imagine knowing exactly when to say “groß, große, großen, großem, or großer “. To completely understanding these endings after just one lesson. Without scrolling through weird grammar books. Without memorizing tons of tables.

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